During our recent trip we did our best to start making the fence of our future farm. It is situated some 40 km from the orphanage location and it was full with thorny trees. Some 40 KM from Fatuleu mountain. After the clearing we started with making some “live” fence . We are planting “Gamal” trees by sticking the trees to the soil around the farm. If things grow well, we are not only having a good fence but the leaves can be used to feed the cows too during the dry season. We were using 2 pickup cars and we were doing it day and night regardless the weather condition. It can be soaking wet too some times. We were quite frequently having our meals on the farm ( take away food ) and if we were running out of time , we were barbequeing fresh corn for our dinner. With our togetherness, barbequed corns were able to give us joy and energy to continue working in a good mood and staying in a happy environment. I am hoping that in 10 years time ( when I am retired), the farm will be able to finance the orphanage from its production. It can be done if we are putting our best effort for it. We will be planting some teak wood for the outer part, some bananas and cashew nuts for most of the farm area. Teak wood can be harvested in 15 to 20 years but cashew nut it can starts generating some harvest in 5 years time. Banana can be a daily production if we are able to manage it properly ( about 1 year after we start planting the bananas).Basically we want to change the unproductive thorny bush into a¬†productive farm.