It is a joy for us to be able to pass some of our knowledge to others. Only through education that people can progress better and more competitive on facing this modern world.Roslin Orphanage will do it its best to do it. For two weeks 15 Singaporean students were sharing their expertise to teach the children some English , games and goal setting.It was a joy to see that the anthusiasm of the village children upon learnig to speak English , some common games , singing popular children songs in English like Old McDonald etc.The first day were 68 children attending and on the second day were 99 village children attending.We wish that we can ask more university students or voluteers to come and to participate on the efforts of bringing the education up for this area.
Nusa Tenggara Timur or N T T province has been the poorest province in Indonesia both in the things being able to be produced and the poorest in the education level. It is because of the minimum rain fall and not having enough schools for the villagers ( some of the schools are in a bad condition like not having a paved floor, holes on the walls, doorless , not enough seats and very bad desk).It is a big advantage to be a city school’s student where the facitity are in much much better condition.To be bare footed is may be ok but not when you have to walk for miles on the sharp stones surfaces on the way to school , back and forth daily.


A class room


A bad class room


An overcrowded class room



Our orphanage can be a place for the children to grow and it can be a place for the villagers to have some lessons as well ( like the work shop that we just did recently with the Singaporean university students). So many things can be done at the orphanage.


People are coming not just to visit the children but also using the premises to conduct some new skill training , cooking, my wife (Peggy) teaches how to make imitation (plastic) flower arrangement , cleaning and to learn how to deal with the small children which Ice breaker is the key to start dealing with the children and we must go down to their eye level . By doing so we can easily start the interaction with the children.
A simple baloon can be a great tool to educate them, a lot of fun can be generated from so many simple things as long as our method is excepted by the children.
We did an scene which single out honesty and at the end of the sesson we found out that it can be planted in their mind easily but we must constantly remind them about it for a period of time.To teach them about sanitation is very important as important as how to conserve the limited water supply in this part of the world.


Our progress is slow but continuous


Our progress is rather slow as all the necessary things are either low in its standard(skill labors)and a difficult to get the supply of the building materials.Not only the distance to the shop but also the road condition was rather bad(unpaved road and narrow as well).we were doing it bit by bit but getting faster and faster as the labor gets the hold of the skill better.Equipments wise everything are based on manual things,such as to lift up all the stone for the building foundation,bringing the water,mixing the cement and bricks laying.It was a complete hard labor without machinery what so ever.It was hard but it can be done.


Greetings from Singapore

Thank you for visiting our blog.

Here is some back ground of how and when we were starting our orphanage activities and many more activities related to our Roslin orphanage.

It was in the middle of no where and was nothing on it when we built it. The surroundings were also empty and so dry where nothing can grow on its soil.

These are the picture that may be able to show you when we started the orphanage building.


The heat and the dryness was making things so hard to do. Even for mixing the cement we have to buy water which coming in trucks. Up to now we are still buying water for our daily needs. Actually water is available but it is too deep to bring it up from the depth of 70 to 100 meters from the surface. Things was rather slow but we beat the planning by a great number. We planned to build it in 5 years but we did it in 11 months .


We planned it to make some 3 to 5 rooms house but we made it into 45 X 29 meters building.

It is so much to do as we have committed to do it for life.

From now and then we will make new entries about our progresses and please visit us again and again, make suggestions to us so that we can make a better progress accordingly.

Started with few children but now we are having a lot of children under our care.

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Testing a Video Clip

Thanks to Mona’s visits, I woke up this morning to find out that we have had quite a number of visitors plus few comments. I didn’t expect that much visitors yet, since I haven’t announced it in other mailing lists, awaiting Pak Budi’s arrival back in Singapore from the Big Apple.

Since I have little time to kill this morning, let’s have some fun with a video clip with the children there. (please click on [more] to continue)…

This clip was from Pak Budi and it was originally uploaded to our private mailing list as a test file by our man in Singapore – Soleiman Pello a.k.a Yongky. (Thanks Yongky). Well, I haven’t had a chance to talk to pak Budi to verify the ownership of this clip. However, I have converted it into a wmv version to reduce the size hence the download time. In case if this video wasn’t taken by pak Budi, I’m sure he has gotten the permission from the owner. Please forgive me for uploading it without asking the owner’s permission. After all this is a test of the video link feature and I can take it down any time.

If you could watch this clip and you happen to be there at that time or you know the name of the game, would you please let us know what game is it? I don’t recognize it as a game we played when I was a little kid in Kupang. Is this a Singaporean play? Once thing for sure, the children and even the families around the Orphanage area were very happy with the Seedling Fission Team’s visit. Both pak Buddy and ibu Peggy as well as the team did a great job!


Our First Blog Entry

After few long distance discussions and email exchanges, finally Captain Budi and I decided to add this blog as a mean to update the information on Roslin Orphanage in Matani, a small town near Penfui El Tari Airport in my old hometown, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

I became interested in Roslin Orphanage when a member of Bolelebo mailing list, Mrs. Nanik Trickey from Washington State mentioned about Captain Budi’s involvement in Mobile Library for the students from the villages around Kupang. We have been talking about the possibility of collecting the books from the United States then sent them to Kupang with the list members…


I then started to search on the Internet and found all the information about Roslin Orphanage and Captain Budi and his wife, Mrs. Peggy’svolunteer works in Kupang. (It was funny that I just found out today the original posting of Nanik on Singapore Rotarians Forum about this mobile library project while searching to add the link on mobile library project to this blog). Based on all the information I got and additional discussions through a private mailing list Bolelebo, particularly after knowing Captain Budi’s family involvement with Singapore Airline and Rotary Club activities in helping the children in Kupang, I then decided to give a helping hand by setting up this weblog. We hope that this weblog will help to diseminate any information that needs to be diseminate quickly and widely, and provided a centralized links to all related activities around the globe in conjunction with the work at Roslin Orphanage.

It’s fortunate that during this preparation, Captain Budi has flown to NY twice and we have more discussions over the phone on various topics, before we (Captain Budi and I) finally decided to get this blog up and running on this Easter Sunday. Since Captain Budi was unable to use his computer in New York today then I have to fill this entry to make it officially starts before the end of the day. However, from now on both Captain Budi and I will collect all the information to update you all through this blog. If you have any comment or suggestion to help the mission of Roslin Orphanage and all the projects involved, please feel free to let us know by filling out the comment below.


During our recent trip we did our best to start making the fence of our future farm. It is situated some 40 km from the orphanage location and it was full with thorny trees. Some 40 KM from Fatuleu mountain. After the clearing we started with making some “live” fence . We are planting “Gamal” trees by sticking the trees to the soil around the farm. If things grow well, we are not only having a good fence but the leaves can be used to feed the cows too during the dry season. We were using 2 pickup cars and we were doing it day and night regardless the weather condition. It can be soaking wet too some times. We were quite frequently having our meals on the farm ( take away food ) and if we were running out of time , we were barbequeing fresh corn for our dinner. With our togetherness, barbequed corns were able to give us joy and energy to continue working in a good mood and staying in a happy environment. I am hoping that in 10 years time ( when I am retired), the farm will be able to finance the orphanage from its production. It can be done if we are putting our best effort for it. We will be planting some teak wood for the outer part, some bananas and cashew nuts for most of the farm area. Teak wood can be harvested in 15 to 20 years but cashew nut it can starts generating some harvest in 5 years time. Banana can be a daily production if we are able to manage it properly ( about 1 year after we start planting the bananas).Basically we want to change the unproductive thorny bush into a productive farm.



Our library building has been built 2 months ago. There are rooms being made for it ( room A and room B). We are hoping that we will be able to fill up the library with reasonably complete books for every one but especially for the primary schools students up to the high school students. Some books has been bought from a publisher in Jogjakarta City . We are planning to open this library on April at the latest ( during my annual leave and when I am there for 3 weeks). Some friends will be coming with me to the orphanage. Most of the books will be ion Indonesian language but we wil also provide some simple books with lots of pictures in english as well. we want to help the children with their English , at least we help them with vocabulary building program. It was sad for knowing that the abiliy of some English teacher are so badly existing . For instant one teacher was telling the students to write one , two , three as wan , tu and tri. They may pronouced it correctly but the way they wrote it was wrong all together. That is why from now on we are starting to teach the little orphans a little earlier.For teaching English we are having a special teacher with some 40 years of experience that is my father in law Cornelis. Great progresses has been made and I am sure that we can be closer to our targets every day. Another experienced volunteer came to the orphanage was Mr Leo Nesnoni . He is going to help us on activities which will enhance the children’s education . It is a privilege to have two seniors helping and sharing their experiences to us.



Indeed health is our prime concern , especially during every rainy season where flu is prone to spread out at this region. Everyday after breakfast and a glass of milk my father in law is doing his routine task of giving the orphans vitamin. We are hoping that a complete diet with this extra vitamin daily will be able to guarantee a good growth for our orphans. Anyway this particular vitamin being given was a gift from aunty Jeanne Pattikawa from Los Angeles. She gave it to me when I was there during my night stop. Thank you the aunty Jeanne ( your gift is really reaching them and helping them to grow healthy). Some other vitamins are given too like vitamin C etc.
The orphanage is blessed with a good harvest of corn now. The corn are so sweet as if we barbeque them right after being harvested from it’s tree. I wish I have the picture to show you All (I was just being told by my father in law). I wish that I can be there and helping them to harvest the corn. Even though I am currently in New York I can imagine seeing the little ones eating our own corn freshly. I am glad that we plant them timely and the blessing of being given enough rain is enabling us to have a good harvest. Praise The Lord .