**Please note that this is a recovery of a blog post, and many of the photos will not have saved correctly.**

Every day we were waking up with a good spirit and ready to the the daily activities to build the new rooms and a class room. It can be as simple as carrying bricks one by one, carrying cement, sand and pebble to mixed or fixing the steel for the pillars. All activities are being conducted manually. We do not use the mixer to mix the cement, sand and pebble. We cut the steel and wire also manually. Breaking the stones into smaller pieces so that the size can fit the width of the foundation. Water also transported by bucket intead of pipes. It can also be driving the pick up cars for buying the materials.

thebegining01.JPG everythingmanuallydone.JPG pebblematerials.JPG

steellcuttingandbendingmanually.JPG classroom01.JPG classroommaking.JPG

classroomwillbe.JPG classroommaking1.JPG somewoodenmaterial.JPG

theprogress02.JPG theateam.JPG
Every thing were involving every one and every one alternately doing every
thing. No particular rest period was set but we are arranging the work and
the rest as we pleased. Some music were played during the working period
so that we can have some mental relief by the music that were played. Alfred
( one of the worker ) will always dancing when the music being played.
Two other workers also followed him or at least they can get some entertainment
by looking at Alfred dancing.

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