We are back !!!

Healthy and happy .

The trip to the orphanage in Timor was so great and fruitful . Thank you for all of your prayers for our trip. We did more than what we planned to do during the 3 weeks visit to the orphanage. Things were so great and making us more convinced that we will be able to do the whole planning about so many things. Because of the activities and physical work that I did, I can say that there isn’t any need to go to the gym if you came with me on this trip and doing what we did ( digging , clearing land , carrying brick , plucking corn from its trees, carrying water , mixing cement, carrying the mixed cement , pulling tapioca, watering the plants, making the building foundation and many more activities). All my muscles are actively working and having enough “productive” activities. Defenitely no gym is required ha ha ha .

My mind was so full with ideas and new thoughts since my plane touched down in Singapore from Los Angeles on April 7th morning. Even during my rest period onboard the plane I was thinking about so many activities when I arrived in Timor.

After more packings and preparations I left Singapore on April 8th to Jakarta on Singapore Airlines flight . It was a smooth and comfortable flight. In Jakarta I joined Peggy and her 2 old friends of 30 years ( which she just found them) doing the preparation and packing for the Timor trip. We had to arrange on sending the new mobile library to Timor . The mobile library’s car had been seating on my Jakarta’s home since few months back, that is to wait for the ferry to resume its services from Surabaya to Timor. The services was stoped due to the high waves which hampering the area during the “south Easterly trade’s wind” ( moonsoon) which strongly blowing from end of November till the middle of March every year.

It wasn’t our planned but I must leave to Timor ahead of the group and leaving Peggy , her 2 friends , our orphange’s staff and a driver to do the road trip. I must take the flight and bringing our 4 boxes of precious and fragile plantations ( flower plants) to Timor aand a meeting with my friend in Kupang City . After having the proper inspection about the car’s condition Peggy and the group were departing from Jakarta to Surabaya . The road trip was “only 23 hours” of almost non stop journey and the group were covering some 1000 KMs distance . Only about 200 KM was express way ( toll road) while the rest of the road were single or double lane roads. Some rough road conditions were so badly existing as we crossed Central Java Province and as they were entering East Java Province ( the car barely moved at about 20 KM an hour in darkness and rain). After reaching Surabaya ( at 4 AM) the group had to find an agent who is able to send our mobile library to Timor. It was not an easy job to do at the very early hour ( most of the shipping company agents will only opened from 8 Am onwards). Some agents were putting their prices up to the roof after looking the group’s desperateness on sending the car. While in the midst of deciding which company to send the car to , a good friend called Peggyto say Hi . A miracle happened through this friend . Not only she was giving us a firm way to send the car but extra services were given to us. Her brother is the owner of one of the shipping company which telling us to go to a hotel and rest. He will pick up the car at the hotel and will do the rest without us paying any thing untill the car has reached our garage in Timor. Thank you to God’s miracle indeed.

After reaching the hotel the group were having short short rest before being awaken by the physical needs ( food !!!). A big brunch and followed by a visit to an old friend which were lying on the hospital ( a time was given by tyhe doctor for this friend’s terminal illness). After the hospital visit the group must head back to the hotel , a long showers and must go to the airport and catch the plane to Timor on that evening. They barely stayed not more than 4 hours in the hotel before they left the place. To be honest I am feeling guilty for leaving the group and using the plane all the way to Timor but I must go for the plants and for the meeting. The plane carrying Peggy and her friends were a little late so they were arriving in Eltari airport of Kupang city ( Timor) at 23:20 pm. I was over joyed when I saw Peggy and the group arriving safely in Timor. To add up my happiness we found out that our “angle friends” from Singapore were onboard on the same flight from Surabaya to Kupang . Amy and Chris Wong made the trip from Singapore via Surabaya then to Timor. The flight said to be smooth and comfortable all the way . A great blessings indeed.

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