Please pray for my upcoming trip to the orphanage

Dear All

Tomorrow I will be going to Los Angeles for 6 days doing my flying duty.It will be quite a productive trip because I will be seeing some great friends while I am there. I hope that I can have the chance to visit my friend Edy who is having his nerve’s muscle operation on Apr 2nd . I will be seeing an old friend of 30 years and very important that I can pick up some vegetable seeds from Mrs Nanik which I will plant it at the orphanage’s soil.

The moment I am returning from Los Angeles, I will be going to Timor via Jakarta on that afternoon. From Jakarta Peggy ( my dear wife) and I will be bringing our 2nd mobile library by road to Surabaya ( some 26 hours of driving) then we will send the car by a ferry to Timor ( Kupang) which will take about 3 or 4 days trip.

From Surabaya we will be going to Bali for 2 days to meet up our friend Arnold Muti and to learn from him about a potential fruit trees which we might be able to be farmed at our farm in Timor. Only from Bali we will then go to Timor for 3 weeks , that is when my annual leave finishes. At the orphanage we are currently having a big project of building 2 rooms for the growing orphans. Each room will be 6×24 meters while the class room is 6 x10 meters. The class room will be a multi purpose place for us to conduct a class and many other activities such as vocational matters and to play as well. For start a table tennis will be a great thing to have. But to utilize it we must wait till the building is done .

During this trip I we will be having the manager of the condominium where I live in Singapore ( Edward Lim) which he is planning to be with us for a week. Another couple also from Singapore whom they said that they can not wait to make their hands dirty with the work for the orphanage ( Amy and her husband). A great joy last night from my siblings which they said that my older sister, my older brother and my sister in law will also be coming to help. My niece, her husband and their children might be coming along as well. With extra help on handling the little orphans I can concentrate more on the building and other matters. Thank God for sending me help when we needing them. Any of you who want to come are welcome ( there will be no 5 stars hotel for you because we do not have it but we can give you “ALL STARS” hotel , a place where you can see all the stars at night). So family and friends if you want to go some where and you do not have a place to go to , you are having our advance welcome now.

Have a blessed day to All.

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