It was a great gathering indeed last night at our place in Singapore. Last year 16 of Singaporean university students were making a trip to our orphanage and doing their school projects both inside the orphanage and out side. At the orphanage we did some eductional matters with both the orphans and the school children of the villagers. Out side the orphanage we did some sosial activities such as making a cement floor for tyhe villagers , trying to do some land clearing at our future farm ( to show them how hard to clear up a farm land with sharp thorny trees in it ) , a tour to a spring water and a water fall ( ecotourims trips) . It was a great experience for every one and a time that I personally can treasure it for life. The fellowship that we were having was great and the bonding is solid until this time. Terence and Pauline came with their home made cake , while Mr Chiam the chef came all the way from Melbourne. Mr Alex Chee came with his angel spirit which making the gathering so alive and happier. The children were swimming and having the freshly BBQ’ed food in between their breaks.
We wish that we can do it again some time soon. We were having a simple BBQ night by the swimming pool last night. No music or anything fancy but our conversation were really making us so happy.
I shared the happy moment with my wife and she was envious when I told her what has been happening last night. Peggy is in Timor doing all the hard work for us , managing the orphanage as usual. ,We made a big change with our plan on how to build the rooms extention for the orphanage children. We are palnning to build a 24×6 Meters room each for the boys and the girl beside the class room . The class room will be made smaller on its width , instead of 10×10 , we will be building it as a 6×10 meters.
I will be going to the orphange after arriving from my LA flight which is on April 8th. I will be there till the 30th. Any of you who are willing to come please let me know. At the moment I will be having our condominium’s manager Edward Lim with us for 1 week in Timor during my stay . Some more friends are still needing their confirmation for their leave and to be able to come with me next month.
The little orphans are progressing well with their English language training and thier schooling matters. Time and care are what we have for them and it is up to them to excell well or not in school or any educational matters. with our constant guidance and care we are sure that we can do it.


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