I will be going to the orphanage from April 9th for 3 weeks. It won’t be a nice and easy trip but there will be some works that we have to do it and the best we could. We will do the ground breaking for the newly proposed rooms for the orphans and a common room . Within 3 weeks we can only do the foundation , some up wards structures and making the doors and windows. The doors and windowns must be made prior to the installation. You may have some hands on both on the foundation works or some carpentering matter. You can also help us to mix the cement etc ( basically we will do every thing from scratch). If the weather is too hot during the day , we might be doing it during the night in exchange for th etime lost during the day time. If you are coming for the painting job , it will be after 4 or even 5 months time. we are planning to make 5 by 6 or 6 by 6M for each rooms and a 10 by 10 M for the common room. If you want to help out on looking after the children its ok too. If you want to cook for me , I will be more than happy to eat your cooking. These 2 rooms are quite urgently to be made as the children are rather growing faster by days. From a baby to 4 or 5 years old the growth is quite slow but from there on the growth will be faster as the children are becoming more active and able to eat more . I hope that we can get the building finished sooner that what we have planned it. Lets make our hands dirty and make some sweat for this up coming projects.


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