Our second mobile library is still stuck at Jakarta. The reason has been the same during this period of time. The ferry serving the Surabaya route to Kupang ( Timor ) has been suspended because of the high waves and the strong south easterly wind which blows during this time till end of February. The ferry was suspended for every year over the same period of time. I am really hoping that we can get the second mobile library across by end of February , so that we can do more with the books. Again this car was the result of a Matching Grant program by The Rotary Foundation and few Rotary clubs wich supporting this literacy project. Just to remind us that last year when my wife ( Peggy ) brought our first mobile library , she was so scared when she was on her way from Larantuka ( Flores Island ) to Timor ( Tenau port of Kupang) . She was saying to our helper Dave that if the ship sank , please let her stay inside the bus , because there is no way for us to be able to swim if the ship being abandoned ( too big waves). Dave reply to her that he would rather stay with her in the bus because he can not swim. When her ferry reached Tenau port, she must waited for at least 3 hours just to be able to get out from the ferry , because the ship was unable to stay still and let the cars out . The bridge was moving up and down violently and making an exit from the ship( ferry) was too difficult. Two days after she arrived at Timor, two passenger ferries were sunk on the area where she was travelling. That is why at the moment the government is not allowing the same class of ferries to operate within that area for the safety reasons. So if any one is wanting to have a long driving experience with us , you may come with us on our way from Jakarta to Surabaya when we are bringing this second mobile library to the orphanage. it will be some 24 hours driving experience.


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