Sad news from Yogyakarta

Yesterday I got a sad news from Yogyakarta thru Bolelebo network, but the information was sketchy. Early this morning I got a call from Captain B. His nephew, Mr. Sony Setyawijaya passed away at 1AM local time, January 17, 2007, at a young age of 31 .

Mr. Setyawijaya has promissed his uncle that once he completed his college work, he would go to manage the Roslin Orphanage. Unfortunately, the good Lord has another plan for him and he has left his family in Yogyakarta, Kupang and Singapore ahead of all of us to be in union with Him.

I just got off the phone with Captain B, who is still in Yogyakarta. You may either leave a note here or email him. He has extended his stay in Indonesia for few more days.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Setyawijaya.

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on Monday, January 29th, Hans Mandala said

Deeply, our feel sad with this great family. But we do belive that Almighty God loves Mr. Sony morethan all of us can perform it. Our condolences to Pak Budi & Family.

Hans & Family

on Thursday, January 18th, Mona said

My condolences to Pak Budi and family. My thoughts are with all of you.

on Wednesday, January 17th, Tom Lamuri said

Our condolence to Mr Budi and Family,We condoled with him over the loss of his nephew.

Mr Setyawijaya.


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