As usual we are having a Christmas gathering at the orphanage once a year and delivering Christmas gifts to the villagers as well. On this gathering we are having the privilege of some help by The Gerebzoft family ( from Montreal , Canada). They were helping us on preparingthe gifts for the villagers and distributing the meals during the gathering . It was great that the turn out was at least some 300 plus children were attending . Some games was played ( like throwing 3 items for four person , so that the one who didn’t get the item can be asked to sing or some thing else ). Some children were performing great dances and singing. At the end most of the audience were dancing after the special meals that were provided. All food were made and cooked by our selves .

christmas gifts. Year after year we were having great Christmas and year end celebration with so many children. It is a privilege to be able to do it and making some difference to the village children.


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