fantastic performance by alfred
As what the title of this entry , I can really share with you All what friends can do , what others can do for others and you will never know what others are thinking about , things to be done and what can be done. This evening I was starting the activity by attending Rotary EClub3310 of Singapore ( my club) as today is our monthly physical meeting. It was so great to meet up with my club friends . Our club is different from the classic Rotary Club world wide which they are having their physical meeting every week instead of every month like what we are having. My club is called EClub because we are only having once month physical meeting while the rest of the club’s programs are being communicated through the internet ( website or emails).The speaker last night was Dr Ho Loon Shin and he was sharing his knowledge about wine appreciation. He is a medical practitioner and he came all the way from Johor Bharu for this monthly physical meeting.
From this Rotary Club meeting my friend Edy Sung and I went to the ” Q” pub at Sembawang. Our dear friend Bob Dacosta and Chris ( who brought the whole families) and his fishing buddy Alfred invited me to come to this “Q”pub for a charity drive for the orphanage that we run in Timor island. The place was full with friends and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Bob “elvis” Dacosta
Bob and Alfred ( shown on the picture) was a “super” duo who managed to made the atmosphere full of joy, fun and really alive place. So much fun and joy were performed professionally ( Bob is a flight crew of Singapore Airlines while Alfred is a policeman) . Alfred was giving away his guitar and it was auctioned to the audience . The person who won the auction re auctioned the guitar and we were able to collect more funding. During the performance , a donation box was passed around and we made collected a great amount this evening. When we were done with the collection Mr Narinder Singh and his buddy Ricky matched up what has been collected .Some pilot friends ( Garry Lee, Desmon and Jonathan wee) came to the pub and passed their donation for the orphanage to me . Tomorrow morning I will send the whole donation to the orphanage, just in time for the orphanage to celebrate Christmas. A lesson to learn for me that as what the majority will think about a pub has been a place where we can unwind and to enjoy our self , tonight I found it a little different. This “Q” pub was able to make such a joyous atmosphere, a lot of laugh, very peaceful and very friendly place. More importantly , this “Q” pub has been able to show us that this place was a place where people are loving their fellow human being. The amount of “Love” being shown was so real and so warm. Praise The Lord for being able to meet up with great friends and great new friends and able to help others through our togetherness upon doing good things for others. All of them never seen the orphanage but their kind hearts made them able to help out others without hesitation. Our thanks to Bob, Alfred and Peter Diaz for their fantastic performance and the help that they initiated and did it for helping the orphanage . To add up the great time , Bob’s mum ( Mrs Dacosta) made a “yummy chicken curry” for every one. The Dacosta’s family members are the biggest supporter for this performance and effort for helping the orphanage.


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