This is our second mobile library which is ready to serve books to the villages and many remote places in Timor. It was handed over by the car factory to us a week ago and now the car is parked at my house in Jakarta . We will do our best to send it to Timor as soon as possible. At this stage we will not be able to send the car to the orphanage ( Timor) because of the load of the ship carrying the merchandise from Surabaya to Timor is so full and in fact over booked for another 4 weeks or so. Many people are getting the supplies from Java( Surabaya) by ships. I am hoping that by next month we will get a slot for us to send this precious mobile library to Timor and into its missions as a mobile library. Like our first mobile library , we have to drive the car to Surabaya ( 24 hours drive) then by ship to Timor ( another 3 days trip). This month one of the ship is in its dry dock for servicing which make things even more difficult to send the car over sooner. Not like the first car , we are having a lower ceiling and we are installing removable seat. This car will not only bringing books to the villagers but occasionally we will be bringing some medical persons ( nurses or maybe a doctor) so that we can give some medical treatment while we are bringing books to them. This car was donated by The Rotary Foundation through a Matching Grant program. Together with the Rotary Foundation few parties are involved such as Rotary Club District 3310 ( Singapore ),Rotary Club District 3400 ( Indonesia ) , Rotary EClub3310 ( my club in Singapore) and Rotary Club Kupang ( the local club at Kupang city/ Timor). Rotary Club or The Rotary Foundation has been helping so many literacy project and many under privilege area or people for the last 102 years. It is so great that we can help this place with the most important gift that is to help this area to develop through education ( literacy matter). Many other project like health related matter or the most significant one being done by Rotary Club is to do its Polio Vaccination programs ( world wide activity ). Thanks to Rotary for preventing Polio illnesses to go away from us.
I hope that I will be able to drive this car my self from Jakarta to Surabaya and to receive it also at Kupang ( Timor) . It will be great if I can be the first driver to bring some books to the villagers ( and some medical personnel too to them). May be I am demanding to much but who knows if my off days are able to make me do it ( keep my fingers crossed) . Any one wants to give books or wanting to come to villages are welcomed.

Our thanks to Rotary International , its foundation and Rotary Clubs for being so supportive on combating illiteracy and helping people through education world wide.


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