Not only check in for us but we checked in also for clothes, books, soft toys and many educational items as well. It was quite a load that Peggy and my children bring for the orphanage in Timor. I hope that we can do something interesting for this coming Christmas and year end gathering with the childrennnnsssss. Some mothers is Singapore came to us and gave us many baby clothes and milk bottles. Chris Sngand his wife Lay Kean also came with loads of new clothes which were collected from their church. Time flies for knowing that it is already December now. I was able to go there for last christmas for 27 days but not this time. In fact I will be working on the Christmas day it self while for the New Year I will be scheduled to go to New York. Anyway I am sure that the orphange’s Christmas will be better by days even though I am not there. The Lord will help my wife ( Peggy) doing all the preparations and hosting the gathering in the great way. Last year was attended by some 500 children because of the heavy rain on that region but the year before was at least 700 children. It was hot and dry until 2 weeks ago but the rivers are starting to fill up and it can even be swollen by this week. We are hoping that this 2006 will be ended in the great way in terms of our effort on educating the children. Hoping that we can plant crops and getting a good harvest too. It is entirely depending on the amount of the rain that we will be getting during the wet season. We are also hoping that by next year we will be able to send one of the orphans to medical school . Gerson has been doing great in school and he told me that he wants to be a doctor during my last visit in August. Imanuel is in his university (second year) doing electro engineering while Erna is doing her 2nd semester on economics. The little ones are doing just fine with their initial steps into the primary school. Alphina and Filton are doing great also on their first semester in secondary school. Alphina was stopped from schooling when she was in primary 4 for 3 years because her father passed away and no financial ability to continue studying. She was coming to us to work ( that was what Alphina said ) but Peggy managed to convinced her that is not too late to continue studying and there is no need to be ashamed off to be older than the other students. Again we were enjoying to see some progresses and the forward movement of the orphanage even though there are so many problems that we have to deal with. Four Canadian friends will be joining the orphanage for this Christmas.


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