we can not wait till we are having our second mobile libabry to be in action , going to villages and other remote places and bringing books for the villagers and school students. So far we are having great interest from the people we we are visiting , many of them are eager to read things that they were unable to have an access before. Our mobile librray is the best that they can get at the moment. For those who live near our orphanage, they can read more things at our orphanage’s library which we have finished building it. Indeed this enthusiasm by the vilagers has been our happiness as this is our initial goal for bringing books to them, BUT our ultimate goal is to make sure that the people on this region are able to apply or implement what they have learn in their daily living activities. For thosewho are farmers they can read more things about fertiliser, another way of planting trees and how to do things better. For the students we are hoping that some books will be able to push their grades better or at least able to elp them understand their school’s subject better. Today we are suppose to receive our second mobile library at Jakarta . I will up date the picture after I am getting them from my wife ( Peggy). Today also a friend who lives in Jakarta ( Umbu ) was at our home to give away some books that he and some other friends had been collecting since some months ago. More books means a better thing for the library. It has been proven facts that through reading we can do more things , understand new things and old things better. It can make you wiser after you learn and read some thing educational matters. You can tell stories about many things better if you know the back grounds better. Indeed reading is the way to go. Many things can really be done better through reading but at our orphanage there many more things which you can do it because of looking things directly and hands on matter. For example we didn’t ask the little ones to help us for folding clothes but many of them have been eagerly wanting to help us to do it. Pritty has been our special child as she has been initiating the rest of the little ones to make “folding clothes” as a fun thing to do as an individual or as a group. Now we do not have problem about folding clothes any more . The older one can do more things while the little ones without being asked are doing this clothes folding duty. They said that it is for their own benefits. Praise The Lord . Another thing that the litle ones are doing is sweeping the floor and the garden. It is so nice to see them willing to do things with their own initiative and helping us without being asked. The same thing when we are cooking , the little ones are trying to help us with an understanding that we have to work together and making things easier for every one.

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on Wednesday, January 17th, Johanna Noor said

Thu, Jan 18th

R.I.P. Mr Setyawijaya ,
Almighty God has a nice plan for us, Our deep condolence w. him over the loss of your nephew.
May all the strength be with you & all family , God bless U all.

Love regards,
Johanna Noor & fam
Batam / BLLB group


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