Our second mobile library is being made into its completion. The factory said that we will get it within a week time . All of the structural matters has been done except some painting job and final polishing. We will put some good wording on it and if you have some ideas about it please let us know. It will be great if some ideas are from wiser person rather than just from my limited thoughts only. With two mobile libraries we will be able to reach out for more children and get them to read and have a look at the out side world rather than only their limited knowledge through books and educational movies which we are having it also in the car. I will ask the factory to put wording such” knowledge is power ” among other wordings . We need to get this car made at the factory because we need large doors on its sides and at the back. A standard car will not be able to have them. Like our first mobile library, this car is also an Izuzu brand named Elf and it is the same as a 16 to 18 seaters car. We will be having enough space for bringing books, a 29 inch TV at the back and some other equipments too. With its large doors we can display books quite clearly from both sides. Any of you who have some ideas about book titles please let me know. We will start buying books as soon as possible. One of the book’s supplier will be Gramedia book store. Another publisher which we have bought some books from is ” Andy publisher” at Jogja city. The reason to buy from this Andy book’s publisher is because not only a good book’s varieties and its quality but this publisher has been giving us some books for free in the past ( the time when we needed books most at the beginning ). If any of you can think of a good publisher, please let us know. We want to buy more books in the future too . We want our library and our mobile libraries to be a good source of good reading materials. Later on the books must be up dated and must be maintained properly ( by giving a good book covers etc). We are still a beginner about running a library , any of you are having a good knowledge about it , please advice us how to do it properly. We are open for advices and suggestions.

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on Sunday, November 26th, Marcus Wong said

Captain B,

a few times a year, the national library board (NLB) in Sin holds garage sales. Usually its ta SIN EXPO. very cheap some as low as $1. Very crowded too. Good place to source for books.


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