It was a great surprisse for me to received an e mail from Mrs Megan McStea. An e mail which saying that her family was planning to have 1 year birthday party for their twins ( Connor and Rhuari). During the birthday gathering , the MC Stea family was asking the guesses not to bring any birthday gifts in the form of toys or other goods but they were adviced to make donation for our orphanage instead. Praise The Lord for this family’s idea and help. Our work at the orphanage is not only getting easier but we are being so happy for knowing that we are not doing it alone and in fact we are so encouraged to do things better and further on reaching out for more.
When I asked Mrs McStea how did The McStea family come to know us, Mrs Megan Mc Stea replied me and saying that she found us through the web site and she is happy with some comments and some write ups by our friends about us so far has been positives. Indeed it is a joy for the orphanage to have so many friends supporting us in many ways. I was invited to come for the birthday party and I came with my son Christian timely and was greeted by Mr Colin McStea when we arrived. It was a great ” Beneton colourful ” gathering as there were so many friends from different countries and we were having colourful chats and different angles in life to talk about. Many countries from Europe being represented,from Africa, from many parts of Asia, from Australia, from New Zealand and many more. It was rather an unusual gathering where people were looking after their infants while talking and sharing experiennces. A donation box was put in front of the entrance with some photos of the birthday boys on the wall and a printed article about the orphanage on the table. A wonderful and a real blessed gathering indeed. Thank you to the McStea family for giving me new friends.

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on Sunday, December 3rd, Lorna said

Megan must be a very generous and compassionate person. When one is at peace with their God they can stretch out their hand to others in need.

Well Done Megan

on Monday, November 20th, drt said

Captain B. I’m glad to read this story. Yes, you did a great job and that’s why we love you. 🙂 And congratulation for passing 2000 hits mark. To McStea family, happy belated birthday for Connor and Rhuari. God Bless you all.


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