We are the lucky ones and we will be some one good in the future. we were so tiny and we are growing bigger and bigger. We were having our own mum dan dad before but we are having the same parents now. We are a big family of 40 now and the family is still growing and growing like us.

Yes , we are hoping that these children will be able to grow well and can be a strong person who can compete in this modern world. We are hoping that the bond that they are having will be solid and they can be a strong team for the villagers and for their own siblings in their villages. Indeed they may consider that they are lucky because of the healthy environment that they are living in ( our orphanage) and they are able to study in schools. When they came to us most of them were ” days old ” baby and they are in schools now. It has been such a tasks to look after them from infants but if you are looking at their progresses , your pain and tiredness will be forgotten. We may have a look at their earlier pictures when they were small . They were so funny and cute but now they can wear the same uniform and going to school together. It is a joy for us to see them to race going to the toilet, taking a bath and putting on their uniform every morning ( before having their breakfast).
Edu( from left to right are Elias, Edu and Victor ) , Lala , Christopher, Markus , Elias, Michael, Prity, Victor etc are having their own personalities . It is always great to see them performing for us singing individually during our relaxing evening or after breakfast. Even though we are quite away for the city , we are having our own entertainments together, A simple hide and seek is something that is very interesting to do for the children while singing is an individual performance which always giving us pleasure and fun. Seeing the children progressing well some time we are sad that our late Yehuda didn’t make it and left us not too long ago. Christopher is quite something, he is very active and always willing to do things that we ask him to do. His attitude to learn new things are great . When we taught them English, Chris has been the loudest on pronouncing and enjoying without being afraid to be wrong.


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