Our thanks to Mr Yudhistira Juwono. Because of him and his lovely wife Mrs Brenda Juwono we are able to bring books and eductional video films to the people not only around the orphanage but also for the people some distance away from the orphanage. Indeed it is a blessing for so many people as they arte able to have an access for books and educational movies. Thank you Mr and Mrs Yudhistira JUwono ( the head of yayasan Tunas Cendekia who is caring for the children education in Indonesia’s remote places). Through him we received the a mobile library free of charge for the people in West Timor who are well behind with its education. It has been our focus to our best in this field for the local Timorese people.
We made the books and video shows into a regular services for some schools and villages around our orphanage. One day we were having a special visit by the Province Governor Mr Piet Tallo who was inspecting the our mobile library in action. Indeed it is a blessing for us to do it. I hope that we will be able to better and better upon doing it. In the begining people are not so interested to read but after theu were seeing what the books giving them , they are becoming into a enthusiastic readers . Children , young and old can seat down together and read things according to their interests. beside the displayed books we are also bringing books in boxes as the book shelves are not having enough space for all the books. This mobile library is not only able to bring joy to the children who are now having some books to read but it is also became something that the orphanage can be proud of. Everyday before going to school some of the orphanage children wanting their picture to be taken with our mobile library’s as the back ground.

It wasn’t easy tasks to bring the car from Jakarta to Timor , especially when the South Easterly waves are in season. Peggy drove the car all the way from Jakarta to Surabaya for 26 hours , 3 days and 3 nights on the ship to Maumere, another 4 hours drive to Larantuka ( remain over night there due to earth quake and high waves for 3 nights) then another 14 hours of ferry ride to Kupang port of ” Tenau”.
During the last stretch when Peggy was travelling on a ferry from Larantuka to Timor Island , there were 2 ferries were sunk in the same region as Peggy;s route. Praise The Lord that both Peggy and our mobile library are ok.

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on Saturday, November 4th, Mona said

Praise the lord. Really in awe of all your effort. God bless you guys.


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