It has been Peggy’s duty for every newly arriving baby to look after them her self untill the baby is about 3 months old. It is so delicate and extra carefull must be excercised to make sure that the baby will be developing well till 3 months before Peggy brought the baby to her assistance at the back. So for about 3 months Peggy has been sleeping with the baby and doing the 24 hours a day thing . This include when I am there with her at the orphanage with her during my annual vacations. It has been so interesting and bringing us back to the time when we were having our own children at their early age.
Untill now I am still capable to look after a little baby and sleeping together with them without the possibilty of suffocating the baby for not sleeping on top of the baby ( ha ha ha ).
It is quite strange when we were sleeping with some one else’s baby sharing our bed,but this conditions made us more on appreciating life which has been great to us. It is a joy to see a baby sleeping soundly as being satisfied with their needs. It wasn’t my childhood when I must sleep hungry for there wasn’t enough food for the family to provide 3 meals a day on the table ( even though we were being helped by the varieties of fruit trees that grew in our garden such as banana , papaya, tapioca, yam,mango, avocado, rose aple, jack fruit etc which alternatingly can be harvested).


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