These children are just waiting for guidance and a chance to be helped on shaping their life. The day to day that they are having are far from being optimum, and in fact it will be very hard for them to be able to compete in the modern society. Formal education that is available and that they can afford is too low in its quality and most of the time the teachers has never been improved since they were graduated from their school. The sad part is even worst that the teacher are placed in the remote area ( may be in the jungle side) . They will be deemed as a knowledgeable person but in fact their knowledge are just too back wards and well out dated. It is the problem for many area for having an out dated teachers. What can be expected from the students if their teachers are not god enough or not in the position to teach ? The grip of the poverty will be very hard to be broken if the people are not improving them selves with better education.
I hope that our plan to build a reasonable school can be materialized soon enough , so that we can gradually giving a good influence to the nearby community. I hope also that there will be enough people who are willing to dedicate them selves to do their best to break the poverty chain through their teaching deeds. At our orphanage we have been trying our best to teach the little one about educational games such as math. It can be simple one , two and three in the beginning but it can be developed into a practical mathematical matter. For example we we trying to make them to visualized a portion of drinks or food , dividing a plate of meal into three portion etc. From a simple thing we can make them to understand how to share things equally . The chance to educate them is only depending on the “day light” where the night time is usually too difficult for the villagers to study. The night time usually is used by the parents to tell their children some educational stories or sharing experiences ( how to do things, how to handle their animals, how to do some farming matters etc). For those parents who are too tired already from working hard during the day, there isn’t anything to tell to their children and the darkness is used for them to sleep.


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