Good morning to All, it is a weekend day today. No schooling for the school children and it is a good time to play together for all the orphans. Usually we are running around and taking turns on singing songs that has been taught in school. The little one are enjoying the dancing part as they do not know the songs just yet. It is the time to do something for the garden and clean up for the orphans.
It is the hardest time at the moment in Timor as the dry season is at its peak. If you read the news paper we will be able to know that there are a big numbers of death on Timor’s children, Every year from August to the begining of November has been the period wherre this case are taking place.The highest mortality is now. The soil is so dry and people are forced to live with ” just whatever water that they can get “. In many places there isn’t a luxury of being able to wash their hands and feets before eating their meals or before going to bed. Their uncleaned sweat can enhance the growth of bactery which can create skin diseases or at least unpleasant smell. I wish that one day I can do a water project for some of the places which really in great needs of water. It is hard for the orphanage to find food ( hay) for the cows and deer that we have .The orphanage has been a lucky place for the orphans as we are able to buy water all year around , which coming in water trucks. It is a privilege for us to be able to have an excess for a clean water source ( or at least a decent one ) . The dryness creates an increase in electricity demand, for some of the city people who can afford to have airconditioning, they will keep on using the airconditioning machine or at least a fan to cool the air in tyheir houses. Due to this high electricity demand, the orphanage is quite often having a black out . It can be during the day time or at any time. The worst is when our orphans are having their dinner. It can be a chaotic if the black out is too long. Lucky that our standby generator has been fixed so we can get some lightings within 15 to 20 minutes time from it. In the past we are having a big generator which the voltage was not so stable. During the black out period all of the electrical equipments were damaged because of the big fluctuation on its voltage. One time a brought a computer all the way from Singapore ( a desk top), and because of the instability of the voltage, the computer was only lasting for less than 10 minutes ( after all the effort on bringing the computer, install it and fixing all the equipments and only burnt out because of this voltage fluctuation. I was so sad at that time ). In fact that computer is still in the storage room and we are having difficulties of finding the spare parts as that model has been out of model for quite some times now ha ha ha . Any one who wants to participate with A CLEAN WATER PROJECT in Timor Island ( next year) please let me know. With more friends working together we will be able to get closer to the reality or goals.


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