We have made the visit to “Bayat” vilage from October 1st tothe 3rd, which is some 30 km east of Jogja city and 8 km south of Klaten city. We made the cementS distribution for the earth quake effected area as planned. So much of physical work but with propper coordinations things can be done nicely ( Praise The Lord ). We were given special price of about 5,5% less as we bought it for the earth quake victims.The amount of cements being given was decided by the head of the village and some respected persons within their community so that every one will be having no objection for whatever being given to them. I have nothing to say but I am making sure that the distribution can be done nicely.We bought 2200 bags of cements and on top of that we were able to give away some basic needs for the villagers such as rice ,cooking oil, sugar, detergent, instant noodle and eggs. My wife and I together with the local people were making it into smaller packaging in two days ( we were doing it till as late as 3 Am for it).People came very orderly and one by one giving us back the invitation coupons that we made for them. On each coupons were writen how many bags of cements that they are going to receive, so there wasn’t any argument at all. Some who came with bicycle must bring the cements 2 bags on each trip as the bicycle was only able to carry 2 bags in one go. All other means were used and they use them in turns if they do not have it by them selves. For people who are rather far away to transpot the cements to their houses , I let them to use my pick up to their locations ( few families at one go ). Untill now there isn’t any help coming to this area and that is why I am choosing to help them instead of “Bantul” city which getting all the publicities and help being poured in too. Indeed Bantul was the hardest hitted area as some 80% of the building were collapsed ( while the remaining 20% are actualy also not suitable to be used more). Our thanks to “The Kiwanis ” for extending their help to them. Kiwanis is a group of people who help the chldren of the world ,a world wide organization. With Kiwanis also the orphanage is going to build a kindergarten soon. Our thanks also to captain Jeff Ang,captain Jimmy Tampubolon, captain Philip Tan and Mr Max Chia for their participation on helping the people who are suffering from the recent earth quake. Surely the world is a better place with them around.


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