It is very important that we are having a healthy teeth, not only having a good feeling about it but I can eat and enjoy every thing that I eat ( that has been the idea that we want to pass it accros to the children). Every morning we ask every children to show their teeth right after taking a bath. Among the villagers they are not cleaning their teeth with tooth brush and tooth paste as they can not afford it ( both geographically it is difficult to buy them but also for most of them they can not afford to buy them financially).
The villagers are maintaining their teeth by chewing a mixture of “pinang fruit”(Areca catechu ARECACEAE), and ” young sirih’s fruit” (Piper betle PIPERACEAE) and some sort of processed white clay (calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH2)). Upon doing it they will finally be spitting a red color spits. The mixture aparently kills the germs inside their mounth and their teeth. To be honest scientifically I am not sure about it. These have been done since a long time ago and the same as to those chewing tobacco habits. The only thing that I can get from people who are doing this are for:1. brightens the face 2.quenches hunger 3.strengthens the teeth and 4.gets good feeling, etc.


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