Another proposal of Matching Grant for our literacy project has been agreed between Rotary Club of Kupang, Timor Island, Nusa Tenggara Province and Rotary EClub3310 of Singapore . Signing together with me Rotary Club Kupang’s president Mr Guido Fulbertus at Sasando Hotel. We are hoping that this proposal will be approved too by Rotary International HQ soon. Yet I must get two more signatures from Singapore’s Matching Grant Committee. If this proposal is approved we will be able to have a great library at the orphanage location. We will also use the same building to give free lessons to the villagers about the developements of the world in many things. It will be great to be able to give them more knowledge and new reasonings to them. Poverty can only overcomed by more proper and more up dated education. We are hoping that the poverty’s gripped in this part of the world will be loosen gradually with our efforts on enhancing their education and knowledge. we will need a lot of partners and friends to do it better.


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