God knows best . Last night my wife called me at 01:28 AM. Yehuda has gone home for good. He passed away in the hospital ( in Timor), after the drips was unable to penetrated his body for 6 hours. He was on a constant drips for the last 3 days. It was only because of flu like symptoms at first and he did not want to eat for just a day before we brought him to the hospital. A great lost to us and indeed is a sad day for the orphanage members. We wanted him to grow together with us at the orphanage after escaping from the extreem poverty and care.Yesterday I just bought a book at Parkway Parade Mall in Singapore, about how to deal with a disable child and it was so much to learn about how to be more sentitive, how to behave our selves and trying to know what is the best way to teach a disable person. The title of the book is “The everything parent’s guide to children with Autism”. I hope that one day these books will be useful at least for others ( I bought two books, one for my self and the other one is for my good friend). I am sure that Yehuda is in a good hands now and much much much better than what our orphange can offered for . Good bye Yehuda, we love you always.

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on Thursday, September 21st, drt said

Agreed with the Trickeys. Yehuda is now in good hands.

My deepest condolence.

on Thursday, September 21st, nanik said

Our deepest condolance for the passing of Yehuda.
He is now in good hands.

Ron, Nanik, Berty, Dina, Oma Ana


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