Blessings have been flowing not only for the orphange children but also for others. Today “Kiwanis Delta “giving their assistance through us to build some homes at ” Klaten ” town in Jogjakarta area, Java , Indonesia. Jogjakarta is my home town and we have been building some shelters for some people over there. Together with my friends from Singapore airlines and many others have been giving some assistance to the earth quake effected area on that region. Within 3 weeks some 42 trucks of goods mainly food , clothing , medicines and etc had been given and assisting some of the victims in June and July. It was a terrible earth quake and more than 6000 people were dead and thousands were injured. Your moral supports were really a great boost for the victims beside the gifts that we brought to reduce their burden on facing the very difficult facts.
Until now people are still suffering and it is quite common during the day time that people are resting under the trees as their temporary sheter are just too hot to stay in. Most of them were made from plastic materials. It was great when we were there to see people spontaneously helping others and they were doing it the best they could. It was so sad to see the conditions after the quake. Jogja has been a beautiful place and it is the centre of Javanese culture. The city it self is having a minor damage but the outskirts like Bantul town was really destroyed. At least some 80 % of the building were collapsed and the remaining 20 % mostly can not be used any more. So much sadness but I found the people in Klaten town area were so strong with their attitude on facing the facts. People will be helping among them selves on the rebuilding their homes. Free labors for helping their neighbors to build homes and the sense of togetherness can be felt upon doing the actual work. Usually they will be getting just food and drinks for helping their neighbors.Through the orphanage managements , Kiwanis Delta is not only helping the Jogjakarta earth quake vitims but we will build a kindergarten together very soon in Timor Island. The drawing has been started and we are on the process of calculating the cost of the project. Some ground work will be started tomorrow at the orphanage’s location on deciding the exact spots for it. Our Thanks to Kiwanis Delta friends.


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