It can be a simple conversation that we were having but it always been a quality time that we were developing. The children need a person which are willing to spend time with them. Not only they can learn a lot from the older person but they can also having the sense of being safe and comfortable for having the older person around them. Our regular visitor and helper Miss Samantha has been doing just that during her annual leaves with us at the orphanage. She said that she has been finding life being more meaningful by doing so. Miss Samantha is a good cook and always on top of any problems which might be happening while taking care of the children. By giving good examples, the children are believing her thus it is quite easy for her to ask them to do many things in timely manner.

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on Sunday, September 24th, Rebecca Tan said

I m interested to know more about the children needs. As what I have read in the blog the children needs a listening ears and people who they can talk to. So if there were to be a robot/ device created like a toy like features (teddy bear) for them to talk (comfort them) and play.. even to counsel them help them to get people to slove the problem. Do you see that is there a need ofr this product? Will this products helps the child to have the sense of safe and comfort?
Will they talk to the toy(robot)?

Do the orphan talks to anyone?


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