The school day is finally coming for Michael and Pritty . They have been attending the school from July 17th 2006 . It is great to see them progressing and growing up. The other 5 children were so enviously watching Michael and Pritty going to school every morning , they kind of can not wait to be starting their schooling too. Next year 5 more children at the orphanage will be enrolling primary school too. It will be a new environments and new experiences for them . It was great that we have been teaching them about togetherness so that the schooling will enhance them to develope even farther. A canadian friend ( Nicholas) was staying at the orphanage since July 14th and he was given a duty to drive Michael and Pritty to school every day. he said that he was enjoying his part being a temporary driver for the orphanage ( without pay ). He was also spending his time playing with the children everyday.


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