Pretty and Michael went to have their medical check up yesterday. It is part of the requirement before they are attending their school. It may be a new rule because I didn’t know this procedure untill now. I can still remember when they came to us as 6 and 4 months old baby . They are 5 yeas plus now and they said that they can not wait their scholing days any longer. At the orphanage we often give them papers to draw or making any scratch on it . Pretty seems to be keen and asking a lot for her interests. Both of them were from an orphanage at the mountain side and were very mall nuorished , It seemed that they were only skeleton covered by their skin. Especially for Michael his head was full of wounds and was so smelly . Flies were flocking on his head (not too much different with Pretty too). Anyway I will personally drive them to school next month . It will be a big change to see them in their school uniform. It will be a big encouragemenet for their younger orphan brothers and sisters. It will be different duty and challange for us to give color for their up bringing. It feels that it wasn’t so long ago that my daughter Christine can carry them both at the same time but now they have grown bigger. The rest of the orphans are also growing and by next year we will enroll 5 of them into their schooling too.


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