It is the dry season again soon in West Timor. People soon will be eating corn which they have saved it during the last harvest. It means people will be less and less having fresh vegetables and the crops will not be able to grow at most of the Timor land. At the orphanage we are doing our bestto use the waste water to water the trees . It is with water only we can grow things. At the orphanage we have about 10 chilli trees which never stops giving us fruits ( chily) . People in Timor are enjoying spicy food and some can eat without anything else but crushed chily with some salt. The tapioca are also doing great at the orphanage so that if we do not have rice we can always eat tapioca for our carbo.I hope that this dry season will not be so bad like 2 years ago.
Our orphanage has become richer 3 days ago. We have one new member, his name is Jehuda Latifo. A 16 months old but only 6 KG and blind. He was taken from Papua when Peggy and our son Christian went to Biak Island to see Peggy’s parents. During the visit she found out about this baby which can not eat , motionless and blind. The mother was only able to breast fed but since the mother is not consuming a good and healthy food , automatically the milk is not containing enough food for the baby.Peggy brought him back to Jakarta and brought him to “Graha MediKa ” medical centre to get him a full medical check up. It was sad when the doctor wanted to get the blood sample for him , the blood was very difficul to get even though the doctor tried from both of his arm and from both of his foot. Hardly any blood came out. The doctor finally put him of the drips for food and body liquid . After 3 days at the hospital some blood was drawn and a complete medical check up was done. The 4th day he is out of the hospital with pinkish color cheek and looking much better. The 5th day the medical result was out and he is ok except that he must be fed well and well looked after. Today Jehuda ( the baby ) is with Peggy at the orphanage . Hope that he will be progressing well and able to gain some more weights quickly. My son Christian has been enjoying his time at the orphanage by playing with the orphans and being the only child to Peggy as his other siblings are with me in Singapore . I will send the photo of Jehuda as soon as I got them. Any one with an experience of taking care a blind baby please let me know how did you do it and if there is any book that I can read and learn , please let me know.


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