This is a visit that our orphanage made to Oe Leu Village , OenLasi. Is another place where people are stagnant with their life. On this visit we managed to give away new school uniforms and school utensils. There are so many potentially beautiful get away place but the road to get there is rather in bad condition. A four wheel drive car is mandatory to get there. We have found some 60 students from different villages which needed help for schooling and progressing with their education. We need some sponsors for this matter. The orphanage can only do its best but our ability is rather small. We have been directly fostering them at the orphanage for the last 5 years. We can give you their school reports and photos besides their letter for those who are willing to sponsor them ( I will translate their letters and send you also the letter that they will write for you in their own language). For those who would like to visit them, we wil also able to arange it. I will be there personally in August for some 26 days during my annual leave. For the last 5 years my annual leave has been there with them. There are progress that we made but it may be small. two of the orphans are at the university level while others are still in primary, secondary and high schools. For those who came to us since days old ( there are 14 of them), three of them will be starting their kindergarten in August this year. They areMichael, Prettyand Markus

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on Saturday, May 20th, drt said

I certainly remember the place called Oenlasi or Oinlasi, since many of my relatives came from that area particularly from my maternal grandma’s side. I also still remember the road heading toward Oinlasi few kms before entering Niki-niki from Soe’s direction. My google search for Oinlasi gave me this Timor Map. It’s a 192K pdf file that you can enlarge to view the detail and you’ll see Oinlasi there.

When I was a kid, Oinlasi was famous for its tamarind and kuenter. Kuenter was the name of Coriander in Kupang dialect, or Ketumbar in Indonesian. I think the name kuenter came from the Portuguese name of Coentro.

One thing is certain though. Pak Budi and ibu Peggy need our helping hand as the title implies. All the kids in the picture with ibu Peggy shown above and many more are awaiting for our help over there. I thought a visit from a volunteer group from the university or other organizations (such as the Singaporean’ SF group that went to Matani early this year) to such as place as Oele’u or Oinlasi would bring a better experience to both parties involved. But most of all, it would expose the children to a better perspective, beyond what they could see day in and day out from their local community. Certainly, the place is much more challenging than Matani where at least the visitors could stay at the orphanage. I don’t know if that could be solved by the cooperation with local churches or school district. Also due to its remoteness, probably a volunteer group has to be self supported in the sense that they need their own doctor and nurses in the team, and they have to come with their own supply of daily need and medication, since a round trip to Soe or Niki-niki to get all the daily need or to the local hospital would probably take a full day trip. I believe the name of Oele’u means Medicine Water. Don’t know how it got that name but certainly, there must be a good water source there.

Do you know any volunteer organization that would probably take up this challenge? Any suggestion would certainly be appreciated by Captain B, ibu Peggy and the supporters of their work.


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